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Elizabeth Lehr

Elizabeth LehrDr. Elizabeth Lehr (they/them/theirs) joined UMass Dartmouth as a Part-Time Lecturer in the English Department in 2002. She later added teaching in the Women’s Studies Program (now Women’s & Gender Studies), and later still, in 2012, was hired as a Full-Time Lecturer and Director of the First- Year Success Program for the College of Arts and Sciences. She earned a PhD in World History from Northeastern University in 2020, an MA in Gender & Cultural Studies (Simmons College, 2009), an MA in Professional Writing (UMass Dartmouth, 2000), and two BS degrees from Syracuse University in Biology and Experimental Psychology. At the university, she teaches in WGS and ENL, develops courses on the histories of oppression, develops anti-oppressive pedagogy, works collaboratively on faculty development projects, researches the use of ideas and language to marginalize social groups, and seeks justice. Her favorite hobby is yet to be discovered – maybe in retirement? Right now, some sleep would be good.

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