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New policies for Research activity due to COVID-19

In compliance with Governor Baker's March 23 order that further increases social distancing guidelines, all on-campus research activity has ceased until noon on April 7.

Only a small number of approved critical personnel will be on campus to feed and care for animals and manage equipment that would be damaged without regular maintenance. The Office of Research Administration has begun compiling a list of critical personnel and is working with Human Resources for approval. If researchers have equipment that cannot be shut down safely until April 7, please contact ORA and your department chair immediately. No one other than approved critical personnel should be on campus for research activities during this time.

After April 7, a return to limited on-campus research activities will begin using approved plans that have been submitted. For those working on or supervising on externally funded projects, please assign comparable, appropriate work that can be done remotely for grants over the next two weeks. If this is not possible, please contact ORA to discuss options for documenting vacation.

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Marine and UnderSea Technology (MUST) Research Program at UMass Dartmouth
Development and Application of Liquid Chromatography (LC-MS)-Based Analysis of T
$24725.00 Catherine Neto
Southcoast CHIP
$95254.00 David Borges
Harbor and Outfall Monitoring Services (2020-2023)
$80942.00 Jefferson TurnerJefferson Turner
Creating the Ultimate Ballistic Body Armor (UBBA) Material Structure
$15000.00 Yong KimVijaya Chalivendra

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