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Research at UMass Dartmouth

Research activity


Best Social Mobility in Massachusetts


Faculty holding terminal degrees

Dr. Lauran Brewster on a boat with wind turbines in the background
New Assistant Professor Lauran Brewster starts research lab at UMassD-SMAST

The newly established Brewster Lab will focus on the effects of climate change and human activity on fishes

SMAST faculty receive $4.9 million through sea scallop research program

Scallop research set-aside programs support research while promoting collaboration between scientists and fishermen

Aerial view of UMass Dartmouth's main quad.
UMass Dartmouth is trending up

Highlights of an extraordinary academic year

Shawn Koohy presents in the Claire T. Carney Library Grand Reading Room
Shawn Koohy '24: Opportunities in research

Mathematics major builds prolific undergraduate research career

Bioengineering student Jackie Ramirez
Jacqueline Ramirez '24: On the fast track

From robotics to biodegradable plastics, Jackie Ramirez is graduating early with a wealth of experience in the lab.

PhD student Agata Piffer Braga and Professor Dan MacDonald at SMAST looking at the autonomous underwater vehicle T-REMUS
From apprentice to expert: A UMass Dartmouth mentorship story

Engineering/SMAST professor Daniel MacDonald and PhD student Agata Piffer Braga share their research and their perspectives from both sides of mentorship

Annual Research Report

Ramprasad Balasubramanian

Provost / Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
Academic Affairs / Provost

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Foster Administration 315

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