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Core Facilities

Access core facilities

Core research facilities are research equipment and infrastructure that are available at a daily, hourly, or per-unit rate, for use by companies who contract with UMassD for use. Various levels of faculty or technician support is available, depending on the company’s internal expertise. Small Massachusetts-based businesses (<50 FTEs) can access core facilities at a reduced rate through the Massachusetts Innovation Voucher Program. Research facilities at UMassD that are officially recognized as core facilities include the following:

X-Ray Diffraction Facility

Core Director - David Manke |

State-of-the-art dual source Bruker D8 Venture single-crystal diffraction system. Services include crystallization, data collection and structure determination. For more information please visit the X-Ray Diffraction Facility

Laser Confocal Microscopy

Core Director - Maolin Guo |

The Zeiss LSM 710 confocal microscope system can collect transmitted light images (bright field and DIC) as well as conventional and confocal fluorescence images. Four lasers are available covering the 405 nm to 633 nm range.

Scanning Electron Microscope Facility 

Core Director - Milana Vasadev |

The Hitachi SU-5000 field emission SEM is a microscope used to observe micron/nano-scale structures (resolution of 0.5 nanometer (10-9 m)). The FESEM is equipped with a deceleration mode for improved imaging and avoiding the effects of charging. The SEM is equipped with a secondary electron detector, backscatter detector and an additional STEM detector.

SMAST Optic and Acoustic Test Tank

Core Director - Michael Marino |

90,000 – gallon acoustic – optic test tank designed for development and testing of underwater measurement concepts and devices. For more information please click here


SMAST West Seawater Facility

Core Director - Michael Marino |

The 2,200 square foot lab allows scientists to conduct research on living marine and estuarine organisms under controlled conditions. For more information please click here

Develop a prototype or prove a concept

Our Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship has laboratory and fabrication facilities designed to make your product or idea a reality. 

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