UMass Dartmouth Tuition and Fees

Charges you can expect to see this fall.


Undergraduate Tuition & Fee Rates 2018-2019

Per Semester

     In-State     Out-of-State 
 Tuition*   $6,748.00  $14,358.00
 Technology Fee     $125.00       $125.00
 Student Activity Fee $87.50 $ 87.50
 College Fee  $213.00-675.00  $213.00-675.00
 Transcript Fee (one time only)  $100.00  $100.00
 Orientation Fee (one time only)  $270.00  $270.00
 Health Insurance (waivable) full year  $2,168.00  $2,168.00
Mass Pirg (waivable) $9.00 $9.00

* Any tuition credits such as John & Abigail Adams have a dollar value of no more than $708.50 per semester.


Undergraduate and Graduate Rates

Undergraduate tuition and fees are based on an assumption of full-time status (12 or more credits). If you are taking fewer than 12 credits, the charges can be prorated.  Please contact the University Enrollment Center for the correct charges. Graduate and non-degree tuition and fees are based on actual course registration.    

FY19 cost chart-Undergraduate Tuition and Fees

FY 19 cost chart-Graduate Tuition and Fees


Cost Charts Per Credit

Undergraduate cost chart by credit-FY 19

Graduate cost chart by credit-FY 19


Basic Room Costs

Room rates are set by the Board of Trustees. All housing fees will appear on the university electronic bill that is sent to students by the Bursar's Office. 

Room Cost Details

Dining Rates

Meal Plan Details