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Tuition and Fees

Tuition & fees by admission type

Links to tuition and fee information:

More information

Detailed tuition & fees

Undergraduate Tuition and Fees 2024-2025 (PDF)

  • Undergraduate tuition and fees are based on an assumption of full-time status (12 or more credits). If you are taking fewer than 12 credits, the charges can be prorated; refer to the cost charts below. For more information, contact the Student Service Center.
  • Non-degree tuition and fees are based on actual course registration.

Graduate Tuition and Fees 2024-2025 (PDF)

  • Graduate and non-degree tuition and fees are based on actual course registration. 

Cost charts, per credit

Room rates

Room rates are set by the Board of Trustees. All housing fees appear on your electronic bill.

Dining rates

Dining Services: Explore on-campus dining options.

Dining Memberships: Students living in traditional residence halls are required to have a dining membership. First-year students are required to have the platinum membership. Additional options are available to upper-level students living in campus housing with kitchen facilities.

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