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Room & Dining Rates

Proposed room rates 2024-2025*

Student bills are processed in July (Fall semester) and December (Spring semester). The rate tables below detail the proposed rates for the Base Agreement, as described below. Housing over the Summer break is available through the Base Plus Agreement, and is billed separately, at an additional charge.

*These are proposed rates and must be approved by the Board of Trustees. Typically, this approval occurs around July each year.


  Academic Year Semester
Double $11,050 $5,525
Single $12,250 $6,125

*Residents of Balsam & Spruce Halls will receive two bills.  The UMass Dartmouth bill will include tuition, student fees, dining, etc. which are viewable on the COIN Account.  The Housing bill for a student’s room can be viewed on Entrata Resident Portal at

**Note: summer charges are billed separately and in addition to rates listed above.

Pine Dale/Oak Glen

  Academic Year Semester
Double $11,239 $5,619.50
Enhanced Single $12,951 $6,475.50

**Note: summer charges are billed separately and in addition to rates listed above.

Woodland Apartments

Aspen, Birch, Evergreen, Hickory, Ivy, Willow 

  Academic Year Semester
4-bedroom apartment $12,396 $6,198
2-bed 2-bath apartment $13,509 $6,754.50
2-bed 1-bath apartment $12,951 $6,475.50

**Note: summer charges are billed separately and in addition to rates listed above.

Room agreement Types

(Please note, these agreement types go into effect for the 2024-2025 Academic Year. Current contract types for 2023-2024 remain in effect until their specified end date.)

Base Agreement

This agreement is binding and enforceable for the entire academic year (both Fall and Spring semesters). This agreement will remain in force for the duration of residency and includes financial responsibility for the entire agreement period. The agreement remains binding after the Fall semester unless the student is on an approved leave or official withdrawal from the University. Failure to pick up a key(s) and/or check-in does not release a student from the agreement. Agreement start date and move in date will be determined by university-sanctioned requirements (example: orientation, athletic, course start dates). Generally, a student’s move-in day will be the day before these activities start, as provided to the Housing and Residential Education office by the sponsor of your program. 

Break periods – For the periods that courses are not in session (Thanksgiving, Winter/Intersession, Spring Breaks), residents with an active agreement may remain in housing as needed, with no additional charge. The following should be kept in mind for these periods: 

  • Students must indicate their intention to remain in housing so that we may facilitate proper card access and be aware in case of emergency where residents are located.  
  • Staffing levels may be adjusted during these times, based on expected reduced occupancy. 
  • Meal service may be limited or unavailable during these periods.  
  • Transportation services may be limited or unavailable during these periods. 

Base Plus Agreement

This agreement encompasses the Base Agreement (as defined above), plus the summer timeframe. In case a student does not have an agreement in place for the upcoming academic year, this agreement ends no later than July 31st each year. Students who have an agreement in place for the upcoming academic year, this agreement extends until the start of that agreement. Please remember, summer housing is consolidated to minimal campus areas, and students may be required to relocate for this period for the university to facilitate summer operations. The dates for these moves to and from summer housing assignments will be communicated by the Housing and Residential Education office. Services for the summer period generally follow the structure of breaks as defined above. 

**Please note: The rates above reflect the charge for the Base Agreement. Charges for the summer timeframe are billed separately, and in addition to the rates detailed above.**

Meal Plans

Meal plans are required for all students at UMass Dartmouth. For meal plan questions or help signing up for meal plans, contact Learn more at

Meal Plan Grove Points Grove Express Points Guest Meals Corsair Cash Options Total by Semester
Unlimited Unlimited 10 per week, no rollover 5 $175 $2,966
Unlimited+ Unlimited 10 per week, no rollover 5 $350 $3,157

Commuter Students

Meal Plan Corsair Cash Options Total by Semester
Commuter $327 $327
Commuter+ $545 $545
Commuter Max $817 $817

Students that sign up for a commuter meal plan are assigned that meal plan for the academic year. If you sign up for the commuter meal plan in the fall you will get $327 of corsair cash in the fall and then another $327 of corsair cash for the spring semester.

All full-time students living on campus with less than 49 credit hours are required to choose one of the unlimited meal plan options. All first-year commuter students enrolled in 12+ credit hours and who has completed less than 24 credit hours, are required to choose one of the commuter meal plan options. You may request to be released from your dining contract by completing the process outlined within the Housing Portal. Your contract release request and uploaded supporting documentation will be reviewed individually, and is neither automatic or guaranteed.

Optional Upperclass Meal Plans

Upperclass plans are optional for all students with 49 or more credit hours. They provide students with the ability to have Grove Points along with the added convenience of Corsair Cash.

Meal Plan Grove Points Corsair Cash per Semester Total by Semester
Upperclass 80 $1,000 $2,334
Upperclass+ 80 $1,250 $2,607.50
Upperclass Max 80 $1,500 $2,880.50

Grove Door Rates

  Corsair Cash & UMDollars Cash & Credit/Debit (includes tax)
Breakfast $5.82 $10.20
Lunch $7.47 $12.02
Dinner $9.53 $16.27
Brunch $9.53 $16.27
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