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Room Selection

Room Selection information below is for CURRENT students only. Students who are NEW to the University (first-year students, transfers, etc.) should NOT be participating in room selection for the dates below. They will receive a separate email to their UMD email address with instructions on selecting housing. 

Room Selection Schedule Overview

  • March 15th- Deadline to submit ADA housing requests
  • March 24th- Deadline to submit thematic application/priority housing lottery number
  • March 27th-28th - Student wishes to retain their current space must fill out Retention form on the housing portal under 'housing processes. This form will be open from 9am on 27th until 1pm on the 28th. Housing will assign students to their retained room or inform students if they are ineligible to retain their space.
  • March 27th – 28th - Priority timeslot numbers emailed out to students
  • March 30th-31st – I’ve retained my space; I want to pull someone in (Open 3/30 at 10am until 3/31 at 1pm)
  • April 4th - Lottery numbers 1-450 pick
  • April 5th- Lottery numbers 451-900 pick
  • April 6th- Lottery numbers 901-1350 pick
  • April 7th- Lottery numbers 1351-1800 pick
  • April 11th- Oak Glen 8-person suite selection
  • April 12th- Lottery numbers 1801-2400 pick
  • April 13th- Lottery numbers 2401-2700 pick