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Room Selection

Our housing selection process for next year is now live

We encourage all students who are interested in living on campus for the 2024-2025 Academic Year to review the Terms & Conditions and the below timeline to ensure you are able to reserve the housing assignment that will be best for you! Please keep in mind, no residents are required to sign up for campus housing. However, those who do will be held to the terms outlined in the application, agreement, and terms at the page linked above.

Room Selection information below is for CURRENT students only. Students who are NEW to the University (first-year students, transfers, etc.) will NOT participate in room selection processes for the dates below. They will receive a separate email with instructions on selecting housing. This communication is sent to incoming students who have indicated they plan to live on campus and have paid the $200 housing prepayment through Admissions

Room selection schedule overview

Timeline for Housing Selection for Academic Year 2024-2025

  • March 6th - Current residential students receive communication that the housing application and agreement process is now open! Please note, the date to complete this by, in order to be assigned a priority selection timeslot number is March 22nd! Additionally, students are unable to complete this application if they have a hold on their account.
  • March 22nd - Priority deadline to submit housing application (AND thematic application if desired) to be assigned a priority housing selection timeslot number.
  • March 24th - Priority Review Date for students requesting an ADA accommodation that impacts their housing assignment. See this page for more information and to find that form!
  • March 26th-27th - Residents who wish to retain their current space must fill out Retention form online. Please note, some spaces may not be available to retain, based on intended use for the upcoming academic year.
  • March 26th – 27th - Priority timeslot numbers emailed out to students, so they know when they will get access to select their specific room.
  • March 28th-29th – Residents who have retained their space may pull in roommates to fill their room/apartment. Please note, in order for someone to be pulled in, they MUST have also completed the application by March 22nd AND must be eligible to live in that community.
  • April 1st-11th - Students with selection numbers are assigned access to select their room for 2024-25! Please note, the date and time you receive access should be within this window, and is based on your assigned number. You may select any time AFTER your assigned timeslot, as that will simply be the point your access is active.
  • April 9th - Oak Glen 8-person suite selection, for those who indicated interest through the thematic application.
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