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Below are the steps to complete your housing agreement and thematic application (if desired). If you still have questions after this, please do reach out to our staff in the Housing and Residential Education office at 508-999-8140!

To access the housing application, you must have no holds on your account.  

As an added incentive for those who complete the application by this priority deadline this year, students who fill out their housing application by March 22nd, 2024 will be entered into a drawing for one of four gift cards and we'll be raffling off the TOP 10 lottery numbers.  

To complete your application today:  

  • Log into the portal at  
  • Click on "Student Resources"  
  • Click on the Student Housing Information Portal (StarRez)  
  • Click on the Student SSO Login toward the bottom of the page. *this is extremely important, make sure you are logging in with your student Single Sign-On login (your UMassD email)*  
  • Click "Housing Application"  
  • Fill out the application.  

 Take a look at this page for a more complete timeline of the full selection process, and see the information below about our Tabling dates and Open House Tours to get to know what those communities look like, so you will be prepared to select the room that is right for you! 

Optional, after completing the general application above: 

If you have a need for an accommodation that impacts your housing assignment, please be sure to also complete this request for review. More information on this can be found here 

If you would like to live in thematic housing or an 8-person suite in Oak Glen for next year, you will also need to fill out the thematic housing application by March 22nd. Please know, you are not required to select thematic housing options for next year. If you do not select one of the themes below, you will still have many options available to you in our communities! We will have the following options for thematic housing for next year for our returning students:  

  • HONORS - Hickory Hall, 3rd and 4th floor  
  • QUIET (JUNIORS AND SENIORS) - Hickory Hall, 1st and 2nd floor  
  • QUIET (SOPHOMORES) - Oak Glen Hall, small section, determined by number of applications  
  • HEALTH CAREERS (SOPHOMORES) - Oak Glen Hall, area determined by number of applications  
  • 8 PERSON SUITE (SOPHOMORES) – Oak Glen Hall, select as a group to fill the entire suite with people you already know  

 If you want to live with someone in thematic housing or in an 8 person suite in Oak Glen, THEY WILL ALSO NEED TO FILL OUT THEIR HOUSING APPLICATION AND THE THEMATIC HOUSING APPLICATION BEFORE MARCH 22nd and select the same theme! If you would like to fill an 8-person suite in Oak Glen, please make sure you have a group of 8 formed within the housing application.   

To complete a thematic/8-person suite application:  

  • Log into  
  • Click "Student Resources"  
  • Click "Student Housing Info Portal (StarRez)"  
  • Click "Login," then click the bottom button (UMassD SSO Login) and make sure you get logged in.  
  • Click "Thematic Housing Application" and fill it out.  
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