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UMassD Alert

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Please log on using the link below with your UMassD logon and password.

  • Verify/enter your mobile phone contact(s) and the check box which enables voice messages on each number. You may test each text number entered to validate that UMassD Alert can reach your phone.
  • Verify/enter any strictly Voice Only Line numbers.
  • Verify/enter any email contacts other than your UMassD email address (which will always be loaded for you).
  • Do not enter UMass Dartmouth work telephone numbers or residential phone numbers or voice only line numbers since these may tie up our trunk lines in the event of an actual emergency. UMassD will use the internal phone network to notify everyone of an emergency.
  • Do not enter Google phone numbers (or the like) since these cannot receive text messages.

UMassD Alert is a notification system designed to immediately deliver emergency information to students, faculty, and staff via multiple methods including mobile phone text and voice messaging. Types of notifications include:

  • Weather related closings, delays
  • Environmental or violent crime emergencies that significantly disrupt daily activities or pose an immediate threat to health and safety

UMassD Alert is a critical tool used in conjunction with other communication channels including campus-wide email, campus phone voicemail and texts, social media, marquees, and the university website. Learn more about Emergency Notifications & Communications.

UMassD Alert is offered on a best effort basis. UMass Dartmouth offers no guarantee that it will be able to send mobile phone text and voice messages during every crisis or emergency, or that such messages will be received on your wireless device.

UMassD Alert is a free service; however, standard text messaging and voice rates may apply as based on your mobile phone carrier's plan.

UMassD Alert Messaging FAQs

UMassD Alert messages will provide instructions about what you should do. If you are a student and you are in class, tell your instructor about the message. Shelter in Place notices require you to remain in your current location and secure it as much as possible. Evacuate notices indicate that you should immediately leave the noted areas and not return until told to do so. Note to students: Please adhere to your instructors' policies about mobile phone use.

UMassD Alert does not support Google phone numbers or other similar services at this time. Be sure to enter the mobile phone number from your mobile phone provider. We will update you in the future if we can extend support to Google phone numbers.

The service is currently limited to enrolled students, as well as employed students, faculty, staff, and contingent workers with UMassD logon accounts.

If you wish to remove yourself from UMassD Alert communications, log into the system and delete your contact information. However, UMass Dartmouth will always communicate emergency information through your email account.

Subscribers' mobile phone numbers will remain confidential and will be used only for emergency notifications by UMass Dartmouth. Mobile phone numbers listed in COIN will be loaded into UMassD Alert as a contact. Mobile phone numbers will NOT be used for marketing purposes or other non-emergency communications.

This depends on your mobile phone carrier and your plan. Standard text and voice messaging rates from your mobile phone provider may apply. The UMassD Alert service itself is free.

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