UMassD Logon

The UMassD Logon is your email username and password, which allows access to many of the university's network services.

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Services that use the UMassD Logon



The UMass Dartmouth portal provides single sign-on access to email, COIN, myCourses, Tririga, ReservIt, and web tools. This is the single launch point for important university information and essential systems.

  The icon for Microsoft Office 365

Access Office 365 through myUMassD

All students, faculty and staff receive an email account. This uses the same password as many campus services, as described here. Students receive their username and initial password notifications in their personal email; new faculty and staff request UMassD logons by contacting Access Management via email or at 508.999.8528 (x8528).


Access COIN through myUMassD

COIN is UMass Dartmouth's system for student information: course registration, schedule of classes, account information, degree progress, application for graduation and more.


 Access myCourses through myUMassD

UMass Dartmouth offers both fully online and blended courses (face-to-face classes with an online component) through the myCourses learning management system. Students enrolled in these courses will receive login information and instruction packets via their UMass Dartmouth email accounts.

PeopleSoft Finance

Finance is the university's system for financial and administrative services.


Off-Campus Access to Library Electronic Collections

All Library services and resources that require a log-in for off-campus access use the library's Proxy Service, which uses the UMassD Logon. For other Library services, you may need to use the library bar code number on your UMass Pass. (Visit the Library's circulation desk if you don't yet have a library bar code.)


Use ReservIt when you need to schedule an event on campus or when you need to order food or technical services. ReservIt allows you to enter all pertinent information regarding your event and will show available spaces, based upon your time, date and headcount. If you require additional resources, such as food or technical services, you may request those as well.

The icon for Tririga facilities database  

Tririga - Facilities Service Request

Request repairs and services from the Facilities Department:

  • enter information regarding the service you require quickly and accurately
  • track work orders and check their status
  • save paper and continue to support the campus mission to become "green"

HR Direct

HR Direct is a web-based human resources system that provides the ability to view personal information, update emergency contact information, and view pay advice. All student employees and most full-time employees report time via HR Direct.

The Icon for Qualtrics survey software


Qualtrics is a full-featured internet survey tool. All faculty, staff, and student researchers may use Qualtrics to create surveys. Contact the Office of Institutional Research and Assessment at  508.910.6443 (x6443) for more information.


 UMass Pass

UMass Pass is the official university identification card. It may be used to borrow books from the library, to access the athletic center, to enter one's residence hall and to eat at the residents' dining hall. When funds are deposited to a student's UMass Pass account, the card may also be used as a cashless way to make purchases both and off campus.

And web tools such as...   

Services with separate logons

Voyager, Virtual Catalogs, ereserves

Voyager is the Library's own online catalog, while the Virtual Catalogs allow you to search for and borrow materials at other libraries.

Both require the Library's bar code number on your UMass Pass. (Visit the Library's circulation desk if you don't yet have a library bar code.)