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UMassD Logon Account Eligibility

UMassD Logon accounts are available to UMass Dartmouth faculty, students, staff, and retirees.

Eligible Members of the UMass Dartmouth Community

Active members of the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth community who qualify for UMassD Logon accounts: 

  • Undergraduate and graduate applicants who have been accepted at the university
  • Undergraduate students
  • Graduate students
  • UMass Dartmouth employees (faculty & staff)
  • Continuing & Professional Education students
  • UMass Dartmouth retirees

Undergraduate and Graduate Applicants

Applicants are assigned a UMassD Logon without UMassD email address. The email address will be activated after the applicant enrolls at UMass Dartmouth.

Students Leaving UMass Dartmouth

Students who are graduating or leave the university in good standing have access to their UMassD Logon accounts and UMassD email for 12 months after their degree completion / leave date.

University Visitors

Courtesy UMassD Logon accounts for non-employee, non-student are available to members of the campus community who are neither students nor university employees, but are affiliated with the University in a formal capacity (e.g., visiting scholars, volunteers, contractors). The courtesy account must be requested by the UMass Dartmouth supervisor using the "Human Resources ID Request Form." 

Wireless Access for Guests

Wireless guest access is available via CorsairWifi.

Individuals not Eligible for UMassD Logon Accounts

  • Alumni (beyond the first year after graduation)
  • Family members, including surviving spouses
  • Students from other colleges/universities not enrolled in a UMass Dartmouth course
  • People with no formal affiliation with UMass Dartmouth

UMassD Logon Account Termination

Student accounts are deleted twelve months after their degree completion / leave date. It is the student’s responsibility to retrieve all personal contents that the student wishes to preserve from the contents of their account (emails in Outlook, files in OneDrive, etc.) prior to the account being deleted. Once an account has been deleted, it cannot be restored. 

Retiree accounts are disabled six months after the last user interaction with the account. Retiree accounts are deleted twelve months after the last user interaction with the account was detected.

The University reserves the right to close and delete UMassD Logon accounts of employees who are terminated or who resign, and students who are expelled, at its discretion. Once an account has been deleted, it cannot be restored.

UMassD Logon Account Reinstatement

A user who returns to UMass Dartmouth as active employee or student, and whose account has previously been deleted, will continue to use the originally assigned UMass Dartmouth email address. The UMassD Logon account will be established as a new account. None of the old contents (emails, files, etc.) will be restored.

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