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Acceptable Use of Information Technology Resources

I. Introduction

The purpose of this policy is to inform all users of information technology at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth of their obligation to comply with all existing laws and institutional policies in their use of information technology resources.

II. Policy statement

A. Overview: All violations of law or institutional policy in physical space are also violations when in the use of University of Massachusetts Dartmouth’s Information Technology resources.

B. By approval of the Chancellor of University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, this policy incorporates all other institutional policy. This incorporation includes (but is not limited to) the Academic Integrity, Code of Conduct, Information and Data Governance Policies, and Financial and Facilities Policies.

C. Obligations to Report Violations: Users of information technology resources have an obligation to report credible violations of this policy. If it is an emergency, contact the UMass Dartmouth Police at 508-999-9191. For non-emergencies contact Ethics and policy violations, and fraud should be reported to the Ethics & Fraud Awareness Center.

III. To whom this policy applies

A. All users of UMass Dartmouth information technology resources (including but not limited to the network, computers, printers, and information technology systems).

IV. Responsible parties

A. Every person to whom this policy applies has the responsibility to safeguard institutional information technology resources.

B. As a delegate of the Chancellor and VCAF, the CIO / Associate Vice Chancellor for Computer & Information Technology has the right to authorize the limitation or restriction of the use of its computing and information technology resources, including content at rest, in storage, and in transit, for the good of the campus community and to protect the integrity of those resources and the rights of users.

This authority extends to the right to examine material stored on or transmitted through its resources if there is cause to believe that the standards for acceptable use are being violated. 

V. Standards

For prevailing legal and policy standards, and reporting options as they relate to Acceptable Use of Information Technology resources, please see the Acceptable Use of IT Resources Policy Interpretation Guidelines that outline the rights and responsibilities for all users

Failure to comply with the appropriate use of these resources threatens the atmosphere for the sharing of information, the free exchange of ideas, and the secure environment for information technology resources. Individuals in violation of this policy may be subject to disciplinary proceedings.

VI. Related documents

VII. Related policies

The UMass campuses strive to maintain consistent IT policies. The Acceptable Use of Information Technology Resource Policy and related documents have been adopted with permission from UMass Amherst.

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