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Study Abroad

Why study abroad?

Earn academic credits toward your UMassD degree

With planning, students can take courses, taught in English, specific to their major(s), minor, or college requirements while gaining a global perspecitive on their field. Students are encouraged to select courses that will keep them on track to graduation.

Enhance employment opportunities

Employers see students who have studied abroad as self-motivated, independent, willing to take on challenges, and able to cope with a variety of problems and situations. 

Study abroad can be affordable

The cost of study abroad varies widely depending on location, cost of living in the host city, length of program, etc. However, with advance planning and an open mind, students can find programs that are affordable while meeting their goals.

Learn about yourself

Discover new strengths, conquer new obstacles, solve new problems.

It's fun

Make friends from all over the world while learning about another culture first-hand.