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Getting Started

Meet the IPO staff! From left to right, Gina Reis (Assistant Director), Daniel Pirbudagov (Executive Director), and Jocelyn Baker (Administrative Assistant)

How to Get Started

1. Complete your UMassD Study Abroad Profile in our online platform, Via!

Your UMassD Study Abroad profile lets us know about your interests so that we can share programs and events that align with them. Use your UMassD username and password to login!

Tip: If you plan to study abroad in the next six months, the IPO strongly encourages you to apply for a passport immediately or check the expiration date of your current passport. Passports must be valid six months beyond the date of your anticipated return.

2. Check your eligibility to participate in study abroad.

     To be eligible for study abroad, a student must:

    • Be at least 18 years of age
    • Have completed one semester and at least 15 credits at time of application
    • Be a matriculated student and registered for credit
    • Have a declared major
    • Criteria to be considered "in good standing" at UMass Dartmouth include (some programs may have additional requirements):  
      • Minimum GPA of 2.5 (for semester or academic year) or 2.0 (for summer or winter) at time of application
      • Student account paid in full
      • Satisfactory student conduct history. Student conduct history is provided to the International Programs Office by the Office of Student Conduct and Dispute Resolution.

3. Identify your goals

      Consider why you want to study abroad?

    • What do you hope to gain personally, professionally, and academically? 
    • How long do you want to be abroad?  From three credits in three weeks to a full year, we have programs to fit your schedule.
    • What do you need outside of the classroom to be your best self?  Consider climate, food, student life, university and city size, mental health and physical health needs. Where do you feel the most successful and what could that look like abroad?
    • What is your budget?  We offer programs that are less than, equal to, and more than UMass in-state tuition. To learn more about bringing your financial aid abroad, see the Before You Board information sheet.

       Your Academic Advisor can assist you with the following: 

    • Understanding your degree requirements, which department courses can be taken abroad, and which must be taken on campus. 
    • Mapping your semesters to decide when and where to take your remaining requirements. What do your on-campus semesters need to look like to stay on track for graduation?

4. Choose your program

Explore our portfolio of approved programs within the Via platform. Take a
program match quiz to see recommended programs based on your preferences. Some things to consider:

    • Check what courses will likely be available abroad and assess if this program is a good academic match to keep you on track toward graduation
    • Review estimated costs of the program carefully as these vary widely
    • Check if your destination country is considered a high-risk destination

      Stuck? Schedule a meeting with a study abroad advisor by sending your availability to

Once you’ve decided on a program, it’s time to apply!

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