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UMassD Nursing students studying in the Azores, Portugal

Dual Application Process 

You must submit a UMass Abroad application (in Via) and a program application.  Start both applications at the same time. If you are applying to an Exchange or Partnership, your Study Abroad Advisor will provide the application information. Be sure to know the deadlines for both applications, as they are likely to be different. 

UMassD Abroad Application (in Via) 

Int'l Education Organization Programs
Exchange/Partnership Programs

All UMassD students must complete an online application in the IPO’s study abroad platform, Via. Students will use their UMassD username and password to log into the platform.

Application deadlines vary, check Via for the deadline of your specific program.

Upon submitting your application, the IPO will review the application and confirm the student's eligibility to participate in study abroad. 

International Education Organization (IEO). If you participating in a program organized by an IEO (such as AIFS, API, CIEE, CIS Abroad, ISA, SEA, TEAN, USAC, etc),  you will apply to your program on their website.  Remember that their deadline may be earlier than the UMassD Abroad application deadline. 

Exchange or Partnership Programs. Each exchange and partnership program has its own application process. Please be in touch with a study abroad advisor in the IPO to get more details on the process and deadlines for your chosen program.

Important Details 

  • Housing. Study abroad students are required to stay in one of the housing options provided by the program. Independent housing is not allowed.
  • Emotional Support Animals. The ability (and ease) of bringing emotional support animals abroad varies from country to country and from provider to provider. If this is of interest to you, please notify the IPO as soon as possible but no later than at the time of your application.

Non-credit international activities: The steps above are for academic-credit programs. Students participating in any UMass Dartmouth sponsored non-credit activity must instead register using the Non-credit Project Abroad Registration forms.

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