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Corsairs Care

UMassD Corsairs Care

Of all your educational and career options, you chose UMass Dartmouth. And we chose you too, for the many qualities only you could bring to our diverse campus community. We all belong here, connected to one another in ways we know now, and ways we have yet to discover.

There’s another choice we make every day—the choice to care. That’s what Corsairs Care is about. By actively caring for each other and our community through successes, challenges and changes, we all become stronger.

Active caring means that we

  • Listen Up, cultivating an awareness of what’s going on inside and around us. Pay attention to ourselves and each other.
  • Show Up, making the most of our time here. Get involved, make connections and stretch beyond our perceived limitations. Live proudly, safely, courageously.
  • Stand Up, stepping forward and taking action on behalf of ourselves, friends, colleagues and the community. Ask for help when it’s needed. Reach out to others. Persevere in the face of injustice.
  • Follow Up, learning about the many resources available. Share what you know. Guide someone in need. .

Together, we create our experiences, our community and our future.

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