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Follow up

UMass Dartmouth is committed to building a positive campus climate with you.

Our everyday lives can be defined by the simplest moments and small acts of kindness and consideration—inviting a classmate to share a conversation over pizza, giving your roommate a hug when they’re sad, complimenting a friend on a good grade or giving someone a ride home from a party on a cold night. We encourage you to engage your inspiration, creativity and commitment to build a campus climate defined by these everyday acts which help make our campus a strong and healthy community.

‌Following up might also mean checking in with a friend Active Bystanderwho's going through a difficult time to make sure they're okay. Sometimes just knowing that people care enough to ask is all the help that's needed. But if a problem is larger and more persistent, following up can mean referring someone to appropriate campus resources (perhaps helping them make an appointment or walking them over), or telling someone you trust (a counselor, advisor, professor or residence hall staff) that you're concerned. This kind of care can be taxing, so follow up on your own behalf too, to make sure you get the help and support you need.

Sometimes actions cause negative impact. If you or anyone you know has experienced things like bullying, harassment, a bias related incident, verbal or online threats, inappropriate graffiti, or sexual misconduct, we encourage you to submit a report. We also encourage you to speak out about any activity or behavior that has negatively impacted you or others in the campus community. By reporting these incidents, you help maintain the integrity and safety of the campus community as a whole.

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