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Excellence in Research

Research Awards

Investigating The Effects of Climate on Fishery Catch Rates of New England Groundfish
$ 15,900.00 Steven CadrinGavin FayPingguo He
Drop Camera Survey to Track Scallop Aggregations in Closed Area II Access Area and the Southern Flank
$12,5012 Kevin Stokesbury
Seasonal Video-Trawl Survey to Assess the Population Size of Yellowtail Flounder and Windowpane in Closed Area II
$ 304,191.00 Kevin Stokesbury
High-Resolution Drop Camera Surveys to Track Scallop and Predator Population in Nantucket Lightship, and Examine the Effects of Increase Quadrat Sampling
$ 229,178.00 Kevin Stokesbury
High-Resolution Drop Camera Survey Examining the Scallop Recruitment Event in the Gulf of Maine
$ 329,584.00 Kevin Stokesbury

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