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Programs & Projects

Projects funded by CHRC Seed Grants:

We are pleased to announce that the UMass CHRC has awarded two seed grants of $25,000 for research in 2012. The projects were chosen based on strong inter-campus collaboration, impact of research and potential to leverage the results for future external funding. The projects are:

1. "Colon Cancer Inhibition by Cranberry Fractions," Co-PIs Hang Xiao (UMass Amherst, Department of Food Science) and Catherine Neto (UMass Dartmouth, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry). The study will use a mouse model to study the effect of feeding dietary cranberry on the progression of colon cancer, the cellular signaling pathways altered in colon tissue, production of metabolites, and the nature of cranberry compounds producing these effects.

2. "Cranberry compounds in cardiovascular health: Possible vascular NADPH oxidase inhibition and alleviating oxidative stress," Co-PIs Maolin Guo, Catherine Neto (UMass Dartmouth Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry) and John Keaney (UMass Medical School, Chief of Cardiology). This project will explore mechanisms of cranberry's antioxidant action as it relates to the development of cardiovascular disease, focusing on how the antioxidants in cranberry affect cellular NADPH oxidase.

Funding Opportunities

Recent Cranberry Research Projects at UMass Dartmouth (click for pdf)


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