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Upward Bound

What is Upward Bound?

Upward Bound (UB) is a year-round, multi-year program designed for high school students who have the potential to succeed in college and could benefit from: tutoring, academic enrichment, pre-college skills development, career counseling, college visits, cultural enrichment and year-round academic and social support. UB provides opportunities for its scholars to succeed in high school and ultimately in college. The goal of UB is to increase the number of scholars that enroll in and graduate from college. There are 770 UB programs in the United States that serve over 56,000 students.

Senior & FAFSA Nights 2020

  • Senior Night: Wednesday, Sept 23 @ Virtual online(4-6pm)
  • Senior Night: Thursday, Sept 24 @ Virtual online (4-6pm)
  • FAFSA Presentation: Wednesday, Oct7 @ Virtual online(5:30-6:15pm) 
  • Senior Night: Monday, October 19 @ Virtual online (4-6pm)
  • Senior Night: Tuesday, October 20@ Virtual online(4-6pm)
  • FAFSA Presentation: Thursday, Nov 5 @ Virtual online(5:30-6:15pm) 
  • Senior Night: Monday, Nov 16 @ Virtual online(4-6pm) 
  • Senior Night: Tuesday, Nov 17 @ Virtual online(4-6pm)
  • FAFSA Presentation: Wednesday, Dec 2@ Virtual online 5:30-6:30pm
  • Alumni FAFSA Night: Friday, Dec 4 @ Virtual online 10-12am
  • Senior Night: Monday, Dec 14 @Virtual online LAST ONE !(4-6pm)
  • After FAFSA presentations you can schedule an appointment. FAFSA after January 1 is by appointment only.

Saturday Sessions and Leadership Events

  • October 3, Virtual online 9-11 
  • November 7, Virtual online 9-11
  • December 5, Virtual online 9-11
  • Oct Leadership (TBA)
  • Nov Leadership (TBA) 
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