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Important Introduction for UMass Dartmouth UB Graduates:

The process of gathering data about Upward Bound graduates is an on-going one that is required by law and the rules established by the US Department of Education. Accordingly, we must maintain regular communication with all UB graduates for 6 years after high school to insure that we have accurate information about their post-secondary educational achievements. Please help us by doing your part: click here to keep us informed about your studies as well as your Goods 'n News, and let us know if any of the information below is no longer accurate or if your status has changed. In addition, please bring us up-to-date about your UB peers as well.

2015 UB Graduates

Maria Correa- BCC

Esmeralda Talveres- UMass Dartmouth

Letishya Diarza-BCC

Neschaliz Elicer-BCC

Nelida Mendes-BCC

Marinagelisse Quinones-BCC

Kaila Scott-BCC

Jalexus Rezendes-BCC

Geovanny Sequiera-Stonehill College

Sadye Pavao-Bridgewater State College

Amaris Tavares-Eastern Nazerene College

Lourdes Marquez- BCC

Jehisca Mendes-UMass Dartmouth

 2014 UB Graduates

Tailyn Clark- UMass Dartmouth

Sonica De Andrade-Johnson and Wales

Molly Defosche- BCC

Brianna Duarte-

Damani Nascimento-Spelman College

Olivia Owens-LaSalle College

Miranda Prevost- UMass Amherest

Jasmine Silva- UMass Amherest

Darnel Staley-BCC

Mateo Uribe-UMass Amherest

Diene Conde-UMass Amherest

Nirael Cruz-BCC

Emily Whitney-UMass Dartmouth

Chelsea Dant-BCC

Geneva Whetston-Baystate College

Kella Correia Mendes-Bridgewater State University

Shanice Dixon-UMass Dartmouth

Mariah Gutierrez-UMass Dartmouth

Taylor Mitchell-

Taylece Vega-

Taylece Vega-

2013 UB Graduates

Caitlin Hills-Columbia University

Melissa Isidor-Brown University

Jessica Barros-Wheaton College

Kaelyn Brito Barros-UMass Dartmouth

Stephanie Duran-UMass Dartmouth

Kiaryne Ramos-UMass Dartmouth

Nicholas Pavao-UMass Dartmouth

Emily Girard-Wheaton College

Christian Perez-University of Rhode Island

Tyra Bush-Framingham State University

Anita Goncalves-StoneHill College

Ryana Anotine-Framingham State University

Kelley Bradford-Newbury College

Elijah Fortes-Mass College of Art

Katherine Mentzer-New England College

Luis Aguilera-Mass Maritime College

Celyann Cruz-BCC

Yasmin Gallardo-BCC

Lorenzo Torres-BCC

Darwin Ayala-BCC

Amber Martin-

2012 UB Graduates

Name  College Attended
Cherise Bulgar  UMass Dartmouth
Stephanie Antoine  UMass Dartmouth
Skylar Bento  UMass Dartmouth
Alyssa Morse  Bristol Community College
Carissa Gula  Bristol Community College
 Mitchell Medirios  Bristol Community College
Sean Myers  Bristol Community College

2011 UB Graduates

Name  College Attended
 Jon Paul Azevedo  American International College
 Shane Burgo  Roger Williams College
 Cynthia Delmas  Providence College
 Jayde Hinton  Johnson and Wales
 Chanell Fields  Rhode Island College
 Tatiyanna Hyacinth  Johnson and Wales
 Analee Marrero  Lincoln Culinary Institute
 Kassandra Noriega  BCC
 Alex Pires  Mass College of Pharmacy &HS
 Pieryne Ramos  UMass Dartmouth
 Morgan Rivas Silva  Regis College
 Kiyleana Soares  Rhode Island College
 Jillian Silva Jones  Holy Cross College
 Chi-Chi Wachucu  Mass College of Pharmacy & HS
 Emily Westgate  Mass College of Pharmacy & HS

2009 UB Graduates

NameCollege Attended
Antoine DaCruz UMass Dartmouth
Harry Jarvis,III UMass Dartmouth
Keri Stevens UMass Dartmouth
Taylor Joseph UMass Dartmouth
M'lyssa Ricas-Silva UMass Dartmouth
Victoria Lyn Morse Cape Cod Community College
Kelsea Gifford Massasoit College
Joanna Silva-Jones Assumption College
Isidoro Navedo New York
Shayne Orr  
Jennifer Dumond BCC
John Pinto BCC
Jarryn Edwards UMass Dartmouth
Myles Velazquez  
Marcel Cardoso  
Katherine Hardy UMass Dartmouth
Aaron Azevedo BCC
Nayloni Josey UMass Dartmouth
Chelsea Spencer UMass Dartmouth
Lee Charlton II UMass Dartmouth
Jordan Viera  

2008 UB Graduates

NameCollege Attended
Lilian Baptiste UMass Dartmouth
Mckenzie Andrade BCC
Nicole Mendes UMass Dartmouth
Shanelle Warmack UMass Dartmouth
Devon Ray Santos UMass Dartmouth
Nelson Gonzalez  
Bienvenido Perez Roger Wiliams
Sean Antunes Mass Maritime
Kiarra Pires BCC
Brandi Joyce BCC
Shane Carleton New Eng Ins of Tch
Steven Andrews WPI
Shayna Andrews BCC
Desia Jackson  
Augustin Brighton-Withiam BCC
Monica DePina  
Fernandes Elizabeth Wheelock College
Kendyll Ramos UMass Dartmouth
Jayleesa Riggins Deleware State
Nikita Perry Umass Dartmouth
Alyssa Burnette BCC
Alex Davidopoulos BCC
Kyle DeAndrade  
Janay McElroy Middlesex Comm
Nickolas Davidopoulos BCC
Ashlee Mayo  
Jamie-Jarae Andrade Westfield State
Jaimie Connor  
Tomas Lobo-Dorsey Johnson and Wales Univ.

2007 UB Graduates

NameCollege Attended
Ryan Benjamin Culinary Institute of America
Amanda Cavanuagh UMass Amherst
Kaba Conde Bristol Community College
Sidafa Conde UMass Dartmouth
Ashley Connolly UMass Dartmouth
Kayla Delgado UMass Dartmouth
Chris DiGregorio Bristol Community College
Brandi Duarte  
Champagne Durden  
Cylee Ferguson UMass Dartmouth
Tamyka Ferguson UMass Dartmouth
Robert Frazier UMass Dartmouth
Tameika Gomes  
Jerome Hardy Jr. UMass Dartmouth
Catherine Lacourse Bridgewater State
Janae Monteiro  
Mark Oliveira Jr UMass Dartmouth
Antonio Rebelo  
Kristin Rose Art Institute of Florida
Corday Silva Bridgewater State
Deirdra Smith UMass Dartmouth
Patrick Stupalski Bristol Community College
Chelsea Vieira  

2006 UB Graduates

NameCollege Attended
Clarinda Alves  
Jordan Andreza  
Patricia Baptiste Boston College
Natalia DaCruz Mass Dartmouth
Britney Ganeto UMass Dartmouth
Shavaughn Gonsalves Cape Cod Community College
Ricardo Irizarry Bristol Community College
Blayne Lopes Stonehill College
David Peters  

2005 UB Graduates

NameCollege Attended
Ashley Almeida Syracuse University
Morgan Alves  
Lacey Andrews Hampton University
Sharonique Araujo  
Shevonne Blouin UMass Boston
Marcel Canery Bristol Community College
Alvaro Colon  
Joseph Fortes Jr. Bridgewater State
Tyler Frazier Northeastern University
Christina Gomes Bridgewater State
Ashley Gonsalves  
Tahlon Johnson UMass Dartmouth
Jakia Lopes Howard university
Jordan Ramos Bristol Community College
Ryan Rapoza Bristol Community College
Ross Roballo  
Ashley Dias-Santos UMass Boston
Jonathan Tavares Jr. Johnson & Wales
Jerrica Vieira Bristol Community College
Shawnette Winbush Mary MacCleoud Bethune University
NameCollege Attended
Brianne Jones Bristol Community College
Brittany Lockhart UMass Dartmouth
Brittney Rose Stonehill College
Danielle Duarte  
Evan Blouin UMass Dartmouth
Gozde Kilincarslan UMass Dartmouth
Judith Duarte Bridgewater State
Kai Antunes UMass Amherst
Marcus Shell UMass Dartmouth
Maria Lopes Johnson & Wales
Rachel Ortiz Bristol Community College
Raeha Blouin Suffolk University
Sandra Lobo UMass Dartmouth
Steven Phipps Jr. Bristol Community College
NameCollege Attended
Amber Allen UMass Dartmouth Graduate
Jennifer Bowman  
Edith Colon UMass Dartmouth
Tawana Defoe UMass Dartmouth
Kevin Lynch UMass Dartmouth
Mike Lynch UMass Dartmouth
Ashlee Ramos  
Joseph Thibault Bristol Community College
Lourdes Torres  
Tyrone Williams Bristol Community College
Latoya Wison Graduate from Smith College

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