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For Parents and Guardians

Parent Support

Experience and research suggest that when parents and other adults show an interest in and support a child's education, the child's chances for academic success are greatly increased. Parent involvement and participation educational activities can often be a motivator for the child. Interest and support can raise his or her academic achievement, improve attitudes and performance, and foster better communication 

Parents can particpate in the Parent Advisory Board! If your interested in particpating, please contact the office!


  • To support the academic and social policies of theUpward Bound Program.
  • To provide extended services and experiences that are not readily available through the program, which would be beneficial to the students.

How does the Parent Advisory Committee operate?

Approximately 4 Parent Advisory Committee meetings will be held during the academic year, September through May. These meetings will focus on program updates, as well as fundraising.

How can Parent Advisory Committee help Upward Bound?

Parent Advisory Committee members can help the Upward Bound Program by:

  • fundraising
  • chaperoning
  • carpooling
  • providing refreshments for meetings

Below is some information to help you with child :

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