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Homework Checklist

For students to achieve academic success, homework is essential.

During tutorials, we work with students to teach them study habits they will be able to take with them to college. Unfortunately, we only see students one-two hours per week. Listed below are a few things you can try to assure all assignments are being completed.

Have your child keep a homework journal.

Every day have students write their assignments. They should be using one page per day and make sure they put the date at the top (just as you would if it were a real journal). Each page can be folded on the right side about 1 inch to create a column for students to check off assignments once they are completed.

Organizational Binders

Sometimes students feel overwhelmed when they are unable to find papers. By keeping 3-ring binders for each subject or one large binder for all their subjects (this may be a little big too carry all the time), students are able to find assignments easily. From time to time check your child's binder(s) to ensure they are keeping up.

"I don't have any homework."

Students should always have homework. Once they enter college they may be faced with a professor who simply lectures and only grades a mid-term and a final. Students should always be reading. Even if they just finished a chapter and had a test that day. They can start reading the next chapter. In college, they should always read the chapter before the professor lectures on it in class. This way it will never be brand new material and they will be ready to listen for explanation of material they did not understand while they were reading.

"I already did my homework."

Instead of having your child just show you their homework, have them actually explain it to you. You may not necessarily understand all the material, but you do know your child and you will be able to tell if they are fumbling through the material or actually understanding it.

Consistency is key.

Try and have a set time every day that is designated for checking their homework. If possible, keep it the same time everyday. It may be difficult in the beginning, but, over time, your child will know that they need to have their homework done by a certain time of the day because they know they will have to show it to you. This really helps to teach students about deadlines and also the importance of managing their time in order to meet deadlines.

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