Referring a Student

There are several ways in which students can be referred to Upward Bound.

  • Students may be referred by teachers or counselors in target schools
  • Students may be referred by interested individuals in the community, including a student's parents
  • Students may be referred by students already in the program
  • Students may self-refer directly to the program

By far, the majority of referrals come from teachers and guidance counselors.

If you would like to make a referral to Upward Bound, the following is designed to explain our criteria for choosing students.

  1. Students must attend one of our target schools (New Bedford High School, Greater New Bedford Vocational Technical High School, Wareham High School).
  2. Students must be entering or in the 9th or 10th grade in the fall of the next school year.
  3. Students must be from either low-income homes or from families where neither parent has graduated from a four-year college. (Two-thirds of our students must meet both criteria; one-third may meet one or the other but not both.)
  4. Students must be able to demonstrate that they have the ability and the desire to go on to college.
  5. Students must have some need for Upward Bound and the services it provides; that need may be academic, social, economic or a mixture of all three.

Keep in mind that low-income is not the same as poverty. The term "low-income family" designates a family whose collective income is within 1.5 times the poverty guidelines for a family its size. In other words, a family of four could be low-income so long as its taxable income for the previous tax year was not more than the amount listed for a family of four on the income table on the Prospective Scholars page. Our advice is to refer a student if you think he or she might meet the above standards and let Upward Bound make the determination.

You may refer the student directly to us by phone or e-mail or you may give the student's name to the guidance secretary in the student's school. Please indicate his or her year of graduation, a few of your reasons for making this reference, and a phone number or e-mail address where we can reach you if we need more information.

Click here to e-mail Upward Bound about a student

Thank you for caring enough to consider referring students to Upward Bound. If they attend they will know that you played a major role in contributing to their future success!