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Milana Vasudev, PhD

Associate Professor




Textiles 215


2010University of Illinois at ChicagoPh.D. in Bioengineering
2006University of Illinois at ChicagoMS in Bioengineering
2003Visvesvaraiah Technological UniversityBE in Electrical and Computer Engineering


  • BNG 418 Biological Interactions on Materials Surfaces
  • BNG 417 Nanotechnology in Bioengineering Systems
  • BNG 318 Biomeasurement and Control
  • BNG 316 Biomaterials
  • BNG 101 Intro to Bioengineering




Research awards

  • $ 99,977 awarded by U.S. Army CCDC Soldier Center for Synthetic Biology based Nanomaterials for Soldiers Protection


Research interests

  • Nano Materials
  • Vapor deposition of nano materials
  • Biosensors
  • Drug Delivery

The Nanobioscience lab at UMass Dartmouth focuses on the synthesis and the applications of bioinspired nanomaterials, using techniques such as vapor phase deposition, and synthesis in solution. We are also interested in studying the interactions of nanostructures with biological materials, both in vitro and in vivo. Some of the applications include the development of coatings for implants, drug delivery, real-time chemical and biological sensors and nanobioelectronics. The students working in my lab will have an opportunity to gain research experience working in multi-disciplinary fields such as chemical synthesis, cell culture, mechanical and electrical characterization techniques.

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