The Biomedical Engineering and Biotechnology (BMEBT) program is a nationally recognized program at the intersection of biology and engineering that:

  • is suitable for individuals with an undergraduate degree in a wide range of life science or engineering/physical science fields
  • addresses contemporary biomedical/health research problems
  • prepares you to work in the biomedical and healthcare industry
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The BMEBT is an interdisciplinary program that includes coursework from the following disciplines: bioengineering, biology, chemistry, biochemistry, computer information science, electrical and computer engineering, mathematics, mechanical engineering, and medical laboratory science. The program addresses contemporary biomedical and health research problems and contributes significantly to meeting the need of industry, government, and education for biomedical and biotechnology researchers.

Because the degree brings together biomedical engineering with biotechnology, it is designed equally for students with life sciences or engineering and physical science backgrounds. 

MS degree: Students may elect to take the MS degree in Biomedical Engineering and Biotechnology at the end of two years. This degree is well suited to students with undergraduate degrees in the sciences and engineering who want to advance within medical or biomedical fields. It provides focused technical skill development as well as management and communication competencies for the clinical or biotechnology laboratory setting as well as the larger healthcare-related environment.

PhD degree: This degree prepares students for careers in research, industry, and academia. You will develop skills and competencies to function as an independent researcher; gain an appreciation of contemporary biomedical ethical issues; increase your knowledge of intellectual property, patent and regulatory issues; and prepare to seek pre-doctoral and post-doctoral extramural private/federal research funding.

The Biomedical Engineering and Biotechnology (BMEBT) program is offered jointly by the UMass campuses of Boston, Dartmouth, Lowell, and Worcester (UMass Medical).


Maolin Guo

Chemistry & Biochemistry
Violette Research 218


Tracie Ferreira

Associate Professor
Textiles 212