Jianyi Jay Wang

Jay Wang, PhD

Professor / Chairperson


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Science & Engineering 204B


1992University of TennesseePhD in Theoretical Atomic Physics
1983Lanzhou University, ChinaBS in Physics





Continuation of PHY 341. Further applications of the principles of quantum mechanics with applications to many particle systems. Quantum statistics, atomic spectra of many electron atoms, nuclear structure, nuclear models and scattering.


Research Activities

  • Correlation effects in the interaction of light with matter
  • Interaction of strong laser pulses with Rydberg atoms
  • Modeling of atomic and electronic processes occurring in reactions


Research Interests

  • Atomic physics
  • Molecular physics
  • Optical physics
  • Computational physics

Professor Wang's research activities are in three related areas of atomic, molecular, and optical physics. The first one is to study the correlation effects in the interaction of light with matter. Professor Wang uses a unique quantum perturbation method to calculate multi-electron transition cross sections in collisions of synchrotron radiation with atoms such as helium and negative atomic hydrogen ions, and their interactions with nanostructures. Second activity relates to the interaction of strong laser pulses with Rydberg atoms. Professor Wang calculates energy deposition, ionization and excitation cross sections, and quantum optical and nonlinear effects. His third major interest is in computational physics. Professor Wang's research involves numerically intensive work to model atomic and electronic processes occurring in reactions. He develops efficient computer codes using proven computational techniques in theoretical calculations. He had received several grant support in the past couple of years in the tune of $40,000.

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