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Edit Directory and Staff Profiles

Standard profile content fed in from CITS

Basic information

Add staffer or edit basic information

Use the Directory Edits form to add a staff member to the directory, or to change your:

  • title
  • department
  • phone/fax #s
  • location/address

The information highlighted in green in the illustration is managed centrally by CITS. 

Edit a name

To change or edit your Name, please submit an inquiry with HR.

Remove staffer

To remove staff from the directory, select the Telecommunications option from:

Custom profile information illustration

Custom profile information

Once you have a profile in the university online directory, use the Custom Profile Request form to add additional specialized information to your University profile. Highlighted in the illustration, we define custom profile information as:

  • photo
  • education
  • CV
  • teaching interests
  • biography
  • and more. 

This does not include title, department name, location and phone number.

Staff photo guide

Staff photos

UMass Dartmouth's staff photos will be used on official staff profiles. Staff photos can be used in print and digital marketing materials and staff listings on the university website. When submitting your photo, always include the original, untouched version.

Staff photo specifications

  • proportion: 4:3
  • minimum size: 1066x800px
  • subject should be positioned within the illustrated safe area in the center
  • subject must be in focus
  • subject's eye line should be close to the illustrated example
  • background preferably in soft focus

Staff photo downloads

University Marketing can prepare your staff profile image. Below you will find templates to place your image if you'd like to prepare your photo yourself. Be sure to include the original, untouched photo with your submission in the event adjustments are needed.

Staff photo template (PSD)

Example of a portrait crop of a staff photo

DO NOT submit vertical portraits

Example of a staff photo compressed

DO NOT submit low quality or undersized

Example of a staff photo cropped too close to subject

DO NOT crop in close

Example of a staff photo with ai filter applied

No illustrations or AI filters

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