Amit Tandon


Mechanical Engineering


SMAST / Estuarine & Ocean Sciences


Science & Engineering 208A




Science & Engineering 208A


1987 Indian Institute of Technology B.Tech. in Mechanical Engineering
1990 Cornell University M.S. in Mechanical Engineering
1992 Cornell University Ph.D in Mechanical Engineering

Research interests

  • Small-scale turbulence in the upper ocean boundary layers
  • Sub-mesoscale frontal gradients and mesoscale eddies, and their role in setting up the ocean circulation and the air-sea interaction
  • Theory, simulations, and observational analysis of sub-mesoscale features in the ocean

Research activities

  • 09/2014 - 08/2018: Role of Mixed Layer Eddies on Phytoplankton Productivity in Seasonally Variable Regimes, Co-PI: Dr. Amala Mahadevan (WHOI). National Science Foundation, $324,615.
  • 04/2013 - 08/2017: Coastal and Submesoscale Process Studies for ASIRI, PI Amit Tandon, Office of Naval Research award N000141310456, $647,173
  • 06/2014 - 10/2017: Data Serving for ASIRI Participants, PI Amit Tandon, Office of Naval Research award N000141410496, $149,988

Select publications

Lucas, J., E. L. Shroyer, H. W. Wijesekera, H. J. S. Fernando, E. D'Asaro, M. Ravichandran, S. U. P. Jinadasa, J. A. MacKinnon, J. D. Nash, R. Sharma, L. Centurioni, J. T. Farrar, and A. Tandon (2014).
Mixing to monsoons: Air-sea interactions in the Bay of Bengal
Transactions American Geophysical Union, 95(30), 269-270.

Robert A. Weller, Sudip Majumder, Amit Tandon (2014).
Diurnal Restratification Events in the Southeast Pacific Trade Wind Regime
Journal of Physical Oceanography, 44(9), 2569-2587.

Rocha, Cesar B., A. Tandon, I. C. A. da Silveira, and J. A. M. Lima (2013).
Traditional quasi-geostrophic modes and surface quasigeostrophic solutions in the Southwestern Atlantic
Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans, 118(5), 2734-2745.

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