Major in mechanical engineering

Place yourself at the forefront of developing technologies by earning a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering. Mechanical engineers design and develop anything that can be thought of as a machine, as well as the tools and processes necessary to make man-made products. Encompassing a wide range of fields, the discipline includes the study of energy transformations, manufacturing, mechanical systems, and material science.

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With a degree in mechanical engineering, you'll have the ability to work in a diverse range of careers including scientific research, product manufacturing, product design, power generation, military analysis, and operations of complex systems such as nuclear reactors. Mechanical engineers are increasingly finding opportunities in medical research fields and in biofuel applications.

The Mechanical Engineering department also offers a bachelor of science degree in mechanical engineering with a concentration in manufacturing: the transformation of raw materials into useful products through the use of the most effective methods.


Sankha Bhowmick

Mechanical Engineering
Science & Engineering 116C