Hangjian Ling, PhD

Assistant Professor

Mechanical Engineering

Curriculum Vitae



Violette Research 214


2017Johns Hopkins UniversityPhD
2013Johns Hopkins UniversityMS
2011University of Science and Technology of ChinaBS


  • Fluid Mechanics




Research interests

  • Experimental fluid dynamics in turbulence, boundary layers, multiphase flows
  • Super-hydrophobic surfaces and the wetting dynamics
  • Collective behavior such as bird flocks, fish schools, human crowds and cell colonies
  • 3D Imaging technologies using digital holography and stereo-imaging

Select publications

Ling H, McIvor GE, Vaart K van der, Vaughan RT, Thornton A, Ouellette NT (2019).
Costs and benefits of the social relationship in the collective motion of bird flocks
Nature Ecology and Evolution, 3(6), 943-948.

Ling H, Fu M, Hultmark M, Katz J (2017).
Effect of Reynolds number and saturation level on gas diffusion in and out of a super-hydrophobic surface
Physical Review Fluids, 2(12), 124005.

Ling H, Srinivasan S, Golovin K, McKinley GH, Tuteja A, Katz J (2016).
High resolution velocity measurement in the inner part of turbulent boundary layers over super-hydrophobic surfaces
Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 801, 670-703.

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