College of Engineering majors, concentrations within majors, and minors.

Pre-Engineering Track

The Pre-Engineering Track is for qualified students who initially applied for admission to the College of Engineering and were alternately offered admission in the College of Arts & Sciences. Learn more: Pre-Engineering Track

Transferring to UMassD as an Engineering major

We encourage you to learn more about transferring to the College of Engineering:

Transferring to Engineering from within UMassD

Program requirements for current students who are not in the College of Engineering but are interested in transferring to one of the engineering majors. Learn more: Intra-university transfer requirements

Accelerated BS/MS programs

An accelerated BS/MS program allows students to receive both the bachelor of science degree and the master of science degree in a particular major/discipline within a 5-year timeframe.

Interdisciplinary programs

Overviews, curriculum guides, requirements: