Major in computer enginering

Computer engineers design, develop, implement, test, and manage computing systems (both hardware and software) and networks. As a computer engineer, you may work as a designer, researcher, scientist, educator, consultant, entrepreneur, executive, public official, or in the military. Computer engineers work in a variety of fields, such as aerospace, automotive, biomedical, communications, consumer electronics, medicine, power, and space.

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Computer engineering is a rapidly growing discipline—and is also one of the highest-paid engineering fields. As a computer engineering major, you'll be prepared to meet the changing high-technology needs of industry and to continue with graduate studies.

The bachelor's degree program in computer engineering also offers a concentration in cybersecurity: the application of measures to protect computers and computer systems from unauthorized access and attack.


Antonio Costa

Chairperson / Professor
Electrical & Computer Engineering
Science & Engineering 217C


Computer Engineering Faculty