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Radio Frequency Photonics Engineering Graduate Certificate

The Radio Frequency (RF) Photonics Engineering certificate program provides learning experiences in RF and photonics integrated circuit design, simulations, layout, and high-frequency RF device measurement techniques.

You will learn basic knowledge and skills for working in industries related to RF electronics, photonics, and their overlap. There is currently significant demand for workforce development in these areas. The program is designed to benefit nearby small business enterprises, big business enterprises, and government facilities.

This 15-hour credit certificate program can be completed in as little as two years based on the average student completion when following a standard schedule.

This program focuses on:

  • courses related to RF electronic and photonic devices
  • their system applications in radar, electronic sensing
  • next-generation wireless communication infrastructure

Ideal for individuals pursuing careers in:

  • RF design or testing engineer
  • Photonics design or testing engineer

Required courses

Each of the following 3-credit hour courses is required.

  • ECE 530: Introduction to Advanced Electronics and Optoelectronics
  • ECE 531: Radio Frequency Photonics
  • ECE 534: Radio Frequency Circuit Design

Elective courses

Choose two of the following 3-credit elective courses:

  • ECE 532: Radar Engineering 
  • ECE 591/435: Microwave Engineering 
  • ECE 535: Analog Integrated Circuit Design 

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