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Computer Game Design

The creation of computer games involves science, technology, and art.

With UMass Dartmouth's concentration in computer game design, you'll explore a variety of software technologies relevant to games including programming languages, scripting languages, networks, simulation engines, and multimedia design systems.

Your coursework will address the underlying scientific concepts from computer science and related fields:

  • simulation and modeling
  • graphics
  • artificial intelligence
  • real-time processing
  • game theory

Faculty in the Computer & Information Science department will introduce you to the art and design principles required to develop usable and engaging games, including software engineering, human/computer interaction, and thematic structure. Graphic design, choreography, music/sound effects, and game aesthetics are also explored. You'll learn how to create the components that facilitate:

  • game detection
  • human-computer interaction
  • network framework
  • artificial intelligence waypoint systems

Ultimately, you'll be ready to unite all that you've learned into one eloquent package: a computer game. You will be prepared for a promising career in the computer game design industry.

For the concentration in computer game design, you'll complete 29 to 31 credits.

  • Honors College: take advanced courses, pursue research, and be part of a community of scholars
  • Study Abroad: earn academic credits and gain a global perspective on your field
  • Undergraduate Research: faculty work with students on cutting-edge research projects
  • University Studies: gain the benefit of a broad university education to enhance your knowledge and skills

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