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Capstone Projects

Become a Capstone Project sponsor

The College of Engineering may be able to assist your business or agency.

  • Do you have an idea or need for a new mechanical or electro-mechanical device or process, but don’t have the time or skills to do it yourself?
  • Might a custom spreadsheet or database application improve decision-making or record keeping in your manufacturing or service operations?
  • Are you thinking about utilizing mobile applications in your business?
  • Would you like to analyze, optimize, and clearly document work procedures to reduce process and product variability?
  • Do you do something manually that could be done more efficiently if it was automated?

If so, our talented group of students might be able to help.

For examples of the work our College of Engineering students do, check out these recent featured capstone projects.

What we ask of our sponsors

An appropriate scope or project challenge to be completed in a 24-week timeframe. A conceptual solution is created within the first 12 weeks, and implementation, testing, and revision of that solution is completed in the following 12 weeks.

Project sponsors and student teams must commit to the following elements of the project: fully defined design specifications from project start to completion; consideration of multiple design alternatives; implementation, testing, and revision of the design.

The College of Engineering invites you to support our effort through sponsorship of a capstone design project. Sponsorship includes a donation of $5,000 and a commitment to preparing a diverse workforce of engineers.

Proposals are due annually by August 1.

Capstone Project Request Form

For more details, please download the Senior Capstone Project Brochure (PDF)

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