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Research Overview

One of the College of Engineering’s greatest strengths is its extensive research programs.  Faculty research sponsored by private industry and government agencies such as the National Science Foundation, Office of Naval Research, Department of Energy and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts have earned widespread recognition.  Beyond that, research provides our students with invaluable practical experience and the opportunity to work closely with mentoring professors.

Focus Areas

The strength and diversity of the College research, labs, and centers reflect the depth and the often complementary nature of faculty research activities. This interconnectivity and advanced technology helps students and faculty achieve new heights for innovation and discovery-based learning.

  • Biomedical/healthcare engineering: tissue/cell engineering, biotransport, rehabilitation
  • Intelligent systems & communication: marine systems, sensors/networks, wireless
  • Advanced Materials & Manufacturing Innovation: biomimetic materials, composite/polymeric materials, nanostructures, fiber-based/soft materials, biodesign/manufacturing
  • Mobility: transportation, robotics, assistive technologies
  • Computational science & engineering: scientific computing; informatics; modeling/simulation
  • Sustainability engineering: renewable energy, environment, resilient infrastructures

Research Clusters

The College of Engineering is building research capacity through interdisciplinary faculty hiring and infrastructure upgrades in areas of strategic needs shown in the figure below.


Research by Department


Civil and Environmental Engineering

Computer and Information Science

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Mechanical Engineering




Center for Scientific Computing and Visualization Research

Highway Sustainability Research Center

Center for Rehabilitation Engineering


Undergraduate Research Opportunities

For undergraduate research opportunities, please click COE_Undergraduate_Research_Incentive_Program_description_FY18   or LSAMP_Research_Assistantship_Program

An application for Undergraduate Research Incentive Program (URIP) can be found at URIP_faculty_application_form_FY18

Research Resources

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TRIPS_application_form_FY18 (doc) 

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Research Partnerships

Faculty members and students in the College of Engineering collaborate with industry members to find innovative solutions to corporate problems.  Our researchers have worked with small businesses and large corporations in all areas of research.  The College houses special facilities for various types of research and product development.  Industry members who work with students and faculty typically find low-cost resources that provide great experience for our researchers.


Faculty Expertise


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