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Support the College of Engineering

The engineers, software developers, and bioengineers of tomorrow receive their foundations today at UMass Dartmouth’s College of Engineering. When you give to the College of Engineering, you support students who achieve amazing success and a program that is on the cutting edge of educating engineers.

Support the College

In the College of Engineering, students are inventing their futures as the innovators of tomorrow. Your support allows us to:

  • Make investments to enhance the student experience through lab renovations and the creation of a student support center
  • Create research and internship opportunities to prepare students for success in their careers
  • Participate in collaborations with our regional partners to develop initiatives that bring a positive impact to the SouthCoast
  • Fund scholarships that allow students to continue their education at UMassD

With your support, the College of Engineering will continue to provide students with an education that will prepare them to succeed in the workforce of the future.