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Accelerated BS-MS in Data Science

The accelerated BS/MS program in Data Science is an integrated degree program in which qualified students can earn a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Science in Data Science. In the accelerated program, you can take up to 9 credits of graduate courses (three 500‐level or higher graduate courses) as free or technical electives. These courses will also be counted towards your MS program, which will reduce the overall time required for the MS degree completion.

Interested undergraduate students generally apply for the accelerated program at the beginning of the second semester of their junior year (sixth semester of the BS program). 

BS/MS program advantages

The accelerated BS/MS program in Data Science is designed for highly motivated and qualified undergraduate students who wish to pursue an advanced degree.

Our accelerated BS/MS program offers:

  • greater flexibility to schedule courses to complete the prerequisites for advanced study
  • a seamless transition to the Master’s degree
  • the opportunity to complete the requirements for the MS degree within a year of completing the BS
  • ability to improve the efficiency of your college studies and experiences

Admissions requirements

The program is competitive and admission is based on overall academic performance and statement of purpose.

Eligibility and admission criteria

  • Currently enrolled in BS DSC program at UMassD and have not yet received an undergraduate BS DSC degree
  • Completed at least 60 credit hours in the BS DSC major
  • Transfer students: completed a minimum of two semesters as a full-time student at UMassD, a minimum of 30 credit hours
  • Minimum cumulative undergraduate grade point average (GPA) of 3.00 and a major GPA of at least 3.00 at the time of application
  • Completed all lower-division DSC course requirements and at least 9 credits of 300-level coursework in the major

Students may also be admitted to the BS/MS program via a nomination process. A faculty member may nominate a student with a cumulative GPA of 3.20 or above by submitting a memorandum of nomination that includes a justification for considering the candidate.  The candidate must submit the normally required application information.

Application process

Interested students should submit a complete graduate application to the Office of Graduate Studies.

  • Completed application form, a brief statement of purpose explaining motivation for graduate study, curriculum vitae, unofficial UMassD transcript; A program of study should also be discussed with an academic advisor
  • No Graduate Record Examination (GRE) or TOEFL exam scores are required
  • The application fee is waived (ignore the online payment prompts for the application fee)

Applications will be processed in the same way as the existing MS in Data Science program; applications will be reviewed by the DSC Graduate Committee or the DSC Steering Committee. Acceptance into the program is conditional upon admission to the UMassD Graduate program.  Students provisionally admitted to the program will be assigned a graduate academic advisor.

Applicants must consult with their academic advisor during the second semester of the junior year or earlier, and complete a combined BS/MS program of study, listing all courses to be taken from the senior year through the end of the Master’s program. The program of study must be approved by the faculty advisor and the Graduate Program Director.

BS/MS in Data Science: sample program of study (PDF)

Degree requirements

The requirements for BS DSC degree and MS DSC degree stay the same for students pursuing the degrees separately. All students must complete a total of 30 credit hours as described in the MS program. The BS degree must be awarded before the student can be considered a graduate student.

Students can count up to 9 credit hours (three 500‐level or higher graduate courses) from the list of graduate courses (including both required and technical elective courses) in the combined BS/MS program. These double-counted courses can serve as either technical or free electives for the BS degree. Double-counted credits must be recommended by the student’s academic advisor and approved by the graduate program director. A grade of B or better is required in any graduate course to be double-counted toward both degrees.

Year 1

Fall (9 credits)

Spring (9 credits)

DSC 520 Computational Methods

DSC 530 Data Visualization

CIS 452 Database Design

MTH 522 Mathematical Statistics

DSC Technical Elective

DSC Technical Elective

Year 2

Fall (9 credits)

Spring (3 credits)

DSC 600 Master’s Project

DSC 690 Master’s Thesis or

DSC Technical Elective

DSC Technical Elective

DSC Technical Elective



Frequently Asked Questions

How does the accelerated BS/MS program impact my financial aid? 

Many students have financial aid (scholarships, subsidized loans, etc) that can only be used towards their undergraduate (BS) degree. If you are receiving any financial aid or scholarships for your undergraduate degree, please note that students cannot use undergraduate aid/awards towards graduate course (unless they are double-counted for both degrees). This means that any financial aid you are recieving for your undergraduate degree may not be applicable to graduate-only coursework (typically taken in year 5). You should discuss this with a financial aid officer as they will understand the implications for your specific situation. As these rules are often set by external organizations (e.g. the federal government), they are not something to be taken lightly. So it's best to have a complete understanding of your financial responsibility beforehand.

Please note that exceptional graduate students may be elligable for TA or RA fellowships, which are awarded on a competative basis. Students become eligable for graduate-specific fellowships once their undergraduate degree has been certified.


I'm a computer science and/or math major, can I enroll in the 4+1 data science program? 

The policy governing the 4+1 program only allows data science BS students to enroll. Students with a data science minor are also unable to enroll. 

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