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Data Science

Learn how to harness the power of big data at UMass Dartmouth.

What is data science?

Data science is an evolving field focused on extracting meaning from data to enhance knowledge, inform decision-making, make more accurate predictions, and create more efficient technologies. Data science incorporates informatics, data analysis, and predictive and visual analytics.

Academic program

UMass Dartmouth's program emphasizes the interdisciplinary nature of data science, with a focus on harnessing the potential power of big data to transform areas ranging from healthcare to business to government.

You will develop a unique skill set across disciplines such as computer science, mathematics, and statistics and learn how to:

  • integrate concepts across disciplines
  • communicate ideas effectively
  • apply knowledge through action
  • enhance understanding in any field that incorporates data
  • develop and use automated methods to collect and analyze data

Cutting-edge careers

Annual demand for the fast-growing new roles of data scientist, data developer, and data engineer is projected to increase. Opportunities abound in areas as diverse as:

  • Business: data analytics, product transactions, customer engagement
  • E-commerce: data aggregation, customer interactions, product sales data
  • Finance: personal banking, investment portfolios
  • Government: enabling research, mobile applications, and data visualizations
  • Healthcare: digital health records, treatment effectiveness, patient health initiatives
  • Social Networking: user analytics for advertising and new applications
  • Science: analyze large amounts of data to form observations and conclusions
  • Telecommunications: data aggregation and service analytics

Undergraduate & graduate research

Data Science offers research opportunities for both undergraduate and graduate students to:

Faculty research extends across the disciplines—to treat disease, monitor neonate health, explore the universe, predict ocean turbulence, and solve complex numerical equations.

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