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Student Awards

Starting in 2019, the data science program has awarded the "Data Science Research Award" for the  best student thesis or capstone project.



  • Nikita Seleznev, "LSTM networks for Named Entity Recognition" (video)

Honorable Mention

  • Fatemeh Sadjadpour, "Applications of Statistical Inference Techniques to Neural Networks" (video)
  • Andrea Haines, "An Exploration of Long/Short Term Memory Networks" (video)

All presentations from 2020 can be seen here (videos titled "2021 UMassD Capstone")



  • Apoorva Ramesh, "COVID-19 infection detection on a mobile application using x-ray images" (video)

Honorable Mention

  • Shristi Bhat, "Automated Modeling Pipeline" (video)
  • Yi Ming Huang, "Game Recommendation System for Steam" (video)
  • Guancheng Zhou, "Diagnostic Analysis in Classification" (video)

All presentations from 2019 can be seen here (videos titled "UMass Dartmouth Data Science Capstone")


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