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The Data Science Graduate Certificate provides students with tools and training in data analytics and discovery informatics, which integrates mathematics and computer science for the quantification and manipulation of information from an application area (e.g., science, engineering, business, sociology, healthcare, logistics, etc). Emphasis is placed on merging strong foundations in information theory, mathematics, and computer science with current methodologies and tools to enable data-driven discovery, problem-solving, and decision-making.

This certificate program is designed for students with an undergraduate background in science, technology, engineering, or mathematics who are looking to broaden their skillset with data science tools and techniques in data visualization, statistical analysis, and programming. Students can explore topics (e.g machine learning, high-performance computing, and building predictive models) that are most relevant to their career goals. Prospective students interested in learning more about the certificate program and how to apply should vist here.


The program consists of 5 classes (15 credits) from the MS program:


  • Any 2 of the required courses, except for DSC 550 (practicum) or DSC 690 (thesis) which cannot be taken as part of the certificate.
  • Any 3 additional data science MS courses, that can be either a required course or an elective.
  • Please note that while the DSC masters program permits at most two 400-level technical electives to count towards the MS degree, no 400-level  technical electives will be allowed to count towards with certificate program unless with the approval of both co-directors.
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