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Career Outcomes

Below are some internships that our graduates participated in while in the data science MS program

  • Tracelink Inc; database engineering with AWS.
  • Maxnet Technology; database management and data analytics.
  • Town of Dartmouth; database management
  • Vertex Pharma; database management
  • ArmorDoc; machine learning and computer vision
  • UMass Medical and UMass president's office; data analytics
  • CorusSoft Inc; data analyst; implementation and maintenance of applications using Python, AWS, git, SQL
  • Invent Health
  • Drut Tech
  • Successful Capital Ventures
  • Camping World!; data validation, engineering, and analysis
  • Jackson health systems; data engineer
  • Amazon; Business Intelligence Engineer 
  • Citihub Consulting


Below are some jobs or PhD programs that our graduates went on to after graduating

  • Boston Predictive Analytics
  • Drift Inc
  • Catapult; Senior Data Engineer
  • BizAnalytica; Big Data Developer
  • Randstad Healthcare; database management
  • Nye Lubricants; data science and automation
  • Welhunt Materials Enterprise; Data Scientist
  • Amazon; Business Intelligence Engineer (multiple students)
  • PhD program at the Northern Illinois University
  • PhD program at University of Buffalo
  • People's Credit Union; Business Data Analyst
  • Warren Rogers; analytics and statistical analysis
  • EXL Service; Analyst.
  • Vetro Technologies; Data Analyst
  • TraceLink; Data Engineer
  • PhD program at Virginia Tech
  • PhD program at UMassD (EAS-CSE)
  • PhD program at UMassD (EAS-CIS)
  • Amazon; Data Engineer 2
  • Checkr Background
  • Brown Center for Biomedical Informatics (BCBI) and Advance-CTR Biomedical Informatics, Bioinformatics, and Cyberinfrastructure Enhancement (BIBCE) Core; Health Data Engineer
  • Drut; software engineer
  • Amazon Robotics; Software Development enginee
  • SmartSoft; Junior data scientist and cloud data warehousing
  • Successful Capital Ventures; Data analyst.



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