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Salve Regina Partnership

3+2 BA/MS in mathematics and data science

UMass Dartmouth has partnered with Salve Regina University to develop a pathway for Salve Regina students to earn a bachelor’s degree in mathematics from their home school and a master’s degree in data science from UMass Dartmouth in just five years.

Through the 3+2 BA/MS in mathematics and data science, Salve Regina students can now spend their first three years on their Newport campus majoring in mathematics with a data analytics minor, and their final two years at UMassD to complete the master’s degree in data science.

At the end of the fourth year, students in the program will graduate with their class at Salve Regina’s commencement. 

Salve students can find out more on the Salve Data Science webpage. To see an example 5-year plan (for students starting in even years) please see the Salve course catalog. Salve students should consult with their academic advisor for course planning.

Salve students are welcomed to get involved with projects, hackathons, and other extracurricular events through our BigDataClub.

Program advantages

  • a highly respected liberal arts education at Salve Regina University
  • the flexibility and marketability of a BA in mathematics with a minor in data analytics
  • a master’s degree in data science from UMass Dartmouth, a national research university

Frequently Asked Questions

In year 4, which UMassD undergraduate courses can I enroll in?  

Salve students are welcome to enroll in any elective that they wish so long as their background meets the prerequisites. This could be a course in mathematics, religion, english, etc. Students should confirm with their academic advisor at Salve that the course will count towards their Salve BA.

In year 4/5, which UMassD graduate courses can I enroll in?  

Students can enroll in any MS-level course that will count towards their data science degree. Data science core and elective courses are available here. This includes any online classes, although only 3 online courses can be used towards the MS.

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