Yong Kim


Yong Kim, PhD

Chancellor Professor





Textiles 216


1981North Carolina State UniversityPh.D. in Fiber and Polymer Science
1974Seoul National University, Korea (south)M.S. in Textile Engineering
1970Seoul National University, Korea (south)B.S. in Textile Engineering





Biomedical signal characteristics, properties of physiological systems, and mathematical modeling of signals from biosystems and biomedical instrumentation. Applied mathematical methods for describing and analyzing biomedical signals such as ECG, EEG, EMG, heart sounds, breath sounds, blood pressure, and tomographic images are considered. Computational, modeling and simulation tools (e.g., MatLab and LabView) are introduced for biomedical signal processing and systems analysis. A group computer project in bioengineering design will be assigned to enhance the proficiency in using the modeling and simulation tools.

Structure and properties of functionally advanced and intelligent fibrous structures and polymeric fiber reinforced composites for biomedical applications. Also studied are polymeric material systems for coating, adhesives and polymeric matrices, and fibrous scaffold structures including nanofiber webs, and reinforcing performs for composites such as knitted or woven fabrics, 3-D fabrics, nonwovens, braided and knotted structures. Properties of the resulting structures and their application areas such as nanobiocomposites, biomedical fibrous composites, and other multifunctional products are considered.


Research awards

  • $ 16,250 awarded by MASSVENTURES for Flocked Reticulated Foam (FRF) Air-Purifying Filter Media (ACORN grant)
  • $ 15,000 awarded by University of Massachusetts Amherst for Creating the Ultimate Ballistic Body Armor (UBBA) Material Structure


Research interests

  • Composite Materials
  • Digital Printing
  • Medical/Tech Textiles
  • Nano Materials
  • Textile Manufacturing