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BMEBT Curriculum Map

Major Required (Core) Courses (Total # of courses required = 6) 
Course Number Course Title Credit Hours
 BMB 510  Introduction to Biomedical Engineering/Biotechnology  3
BMB 530  Instrumentation and Laboratory Experience

 EAS 502 or 
BMB 570  Mathematics: (Engineering Advanced Numerical Methods or
(Life Sciences) Applied Mathematics for Life Scientists  3
 BMB 520  Quantitative Physiology  3
 BMB 540  Advanced Cell and Molecular Biology  3
 BMB 571  Bioethics  1
 BMB 620  Capstone Project  3
 BMB 720  Doctoral Dissertation Research  30
 BMB 710  Doctoral Seminar  1 + 1
   SubTotal # Core Credits Required  51
 Specialization Course Options (Minimum courses required =4) (see below)
   Biomedical Engineering Option  12
   Biotechnology Option  -
   SubTotal # Specialization Credits Required  12
Curriculum Summary 
   Total number of courses required for the degree  12
   Total credit hours required for degree  63
Prerequisite, Concentration or Other Requirements:
Ph.D. Qualifier Examination (QE) and Comprehensive Exam: Each student must pass a qualifying exam and a comprehensive exam on research preparedness prior to becoming a doctoral candidate.


Specialization Courses for Biomedical Engineering Option
Course Number Course Title Credit Hours
   Biomaterials: Tissue Engineering, Polymers/Plastics, Fivers/Textiles, Nanotechnology  3
   Biomedical Information Systems: Bioinformatics, Genomics, Proteomics

   Biomedical Instrumentation: Clinical Sciences, Signal Processing, Sensors, Microprocessing  3
   Manufacturing/Quality Control  3
   Biomechanics: Biotransport, Cell Mechanics, Tissue/Organ Mechanics, Joint/Muscle Mechanics  3
  Medical Imaging: Optics, NMR, MRI, Acoustics, Cell Imaging  3
  Medical Physics/Radiological Sciences: Dosimetry, Shielding/Protection, Nuclear Instrumentation  3


Specialization Courses for Biotechnology Option
Course Number Course Title Credit Hours
   Agricultural Biotechnology: Therapeutics, Pharmacology, Nutritional Biochemistry, Food Science  3
   Technology, Plant Tissue Culture  3
   Bioprocessing/Applied Microbiology: Bioremediation, Fermentation, Biocatalysis, Applied Genetic Engineering  3
   Molecular Biotechnology: Biochemical Applications, Diagnostics, Clinical Sciences  3
   Computational Physics  3
  Advanced Mathematical Physics I  3
  Advanced Mathematical Physics II  3

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