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List of Doctoral Dissertations



Ghosal, Koyel J.

Role of neurotoxin associated proteins in Botulinum neurotoxin trafficking and toxicity

Advisor: Dr. ShuoweiCai


Kataria, Priti

B-cell responses in rainbow trout (Oncoryhynchus mykiss): how the formulation and timing of vaccines alters the function, migration, and longevity of the immune response

Advisor:  Erin Bromage, Biology

Regis, Shawn

Quantifying critical early cell-scaffold interaction as a means of directing morphogenesis in tissue engineering

Advisor:  Dr. SankhaBhowmick


Rego, Katherine A.

An investigation of the antibody light chains in rainbow trout: characterizing their genomic organization, expression repertoire and protein production

Advisor:  Dr. Erin Bromage




Janardhanan, Pavithra

Development of aptamer based rapid in vitro detection system and antidotes against botulinum neurotoxin type a

Advisors:  Dr. ShuoweiCai& Dr. Charlene Mello


Limem, Skander

Inkjet printing of polyelectrolytes and cells as a precursor to living composites

Advisor:  Dr. Paul D. Calvert




Chang, Tzuu-Wang (Alex Chang)

Sequence analyses and novel antidotes development of botulinum neurotoxin

Advisors: Dr. Bal Ram Singh & Dr. ShuoweiCai


Mishra, Swati

Engineering blue light curable three dimensional hydrogel niches for cell immobilization: evaluation of intracellular and extracellular reactions

Advisor:  Dr. Paul D. Calvert




Sitaula, Ranjan

Imparting desiccation tolerance in bovine spermatozoa at ambient temperature a study of desiccation induced cellular damages

Advisor:  Dr. SankhaBhowmick




Chen, Ming

Effects of electrospun scaffold architecture in modulating cellular functions: studies of poly (c-caprolactone) (PCL)-skin bilayer model

Advisor: Dr. SankhaBhowmick

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