About Bioengineering

When you choose an undergraduate major, one thing you can be sure of is that the world you will work in will be greatly changed from how it is now.

There are two major and obvious trends. One is that biology and engineering will continue to merge:

  • machines will become "softer"
  • technology will become "smarter" and will work with us in a less intrusive fashion
  • medicine will become more of a branch of engineering

A second trend is that:

  • things will be made more by automated equipment
  • people will spend more of their time devising, designing and developing new things

This is not to say we will all be engineers. Managing, designing, networking and understanding change will be just as important as ever.

Our new undergraduate program reflects this vision of the future by applying to bioengineering our understanding of soft, flexible and fibrous materials in general, and specifically, biological materials, biomedical materials and engineered composites.

We also offer MS and PhD through the Biomedical Engineering Biotechnology program.