Whitney Hable






Violette Research 205 B


1990 University of Virginia B.A. in Biology
1996 University of Arizona Ph.D in Biology


  • Biology of Cells
  • Biology of Cells Laboratory
  • Developmental Biology
  • Advanced Cell Biology
  • Graduate Seminar

Research interests

  • Mechanisms of cell polarization
  • Growth and development
  • Role the environment plays in such processes

Research activities

  • Cell Polarization in marine brown algae
  • Gametogenesis and Fertilization in the American Eel

Select publications

Rover T., Simioni C., Hable W., and Bouzon Z.L. (2015).
Ultrastructural and structural characterization of zygotes and embryos during development in Sargassum cymosum
, 252, 505-518.

Muzzy R. and Hable W. (2013).
Rac1 regulates actin arrays during polarity establishment in the brown alga, Silvetia compressa
Developmental Biology, 383, 28-38.

Hable W.E. and Nguyen X. (2013).
Polychlorinated biphenyls disrupt cell division and tip growth in two species of fucoid algae
Journal of Phycology, 49, 701-708.

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