Patick Cappillino

Patrick Cappillino, PhD

Associate Professor / Graduate Program Director

Chemistry & Biochemistry

Cappillino Research Group




Violette Research 201C


Boston UniversityPhD




Research awards

  • $ 40,110 awarded by University of Massachusetts - Lowell | Office of Naval Research for High Energy Density Redox Flow Batteries with Solid Boosters for Naval Installations
  • $ 65,000 awarded by MassVentures for Extraction of Critical Minerals for Battery Applications
  • $ 466,035 awarded by Office of Naval Research for UMassD MUST III: Durability and Performance of Flow Batteries for Applications in Marine and Undersea Technology
  • $ 165,431 awarded by Office of Naval Research for UMassD MUST I: Toward High-Power/High-Energy Flow Batteries for Applications in Unmanned Undersea Vehicles: Overcoming Fundamental Obstacles with a Bio-Inspired Active Material Scaffold

Patrick Cappillino received his Ph.D. in the areas of bioinorganic and synthetic inorganic chemistry from Boston University. His dissertation work focused on elucidating the important role of iron in oxygen-activating enzymes. He continued his research career as a postdoctoral appointee at Sandia National Laboratories in Livermore, CA. There he focused on the synthesis of nanoporous and nanostructured metals, as well as the application of transition metal compounds to electrochemical energy storage. Dr. Cappillino began a faculty post in the Chemistry Department at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth in the Fall of 2014. He has since initiated projects in critical areas of energy research, including grid-scale energy storage and novel materials for electrocatalysis. His areas of expertise include molecular and solid-state inorganic chemistry, meso- and nano-structured materials, electrochemistry, surface chemistry, and bioinorganic chemistry. Cappillino was a recipient of the 2015/16 Electrochemical Society/Toyota Young Investigator Fellowship and was recognized by the Journal of Materials Chemistry in their 2017 Emerging Investigators issue.

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