Transform the ordinary into the amazing. When you major in chemistry and/or biochemistry, you study matter and its transformation.

Chemists conduct research and experiments to discover new concepts about the universe. They try to solve society's problems, whether by developing a cure for cancer, monitoring the earth's ozone layer, creating new materials to heat our homes, or pursuing countless other challenges.

The knowledge you'll gain through the study of chemistry at UMass Dartmouth will open the door to many different career opportunities within the five divisions of chemistry: analytical, biological, inorganic, organic, or physical. You'll be prepared for biochemistry careers in education, forensics, government, law, industry, medicine, or research.

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Catherine Neto

Professor / Chairperson
Chemistry & Biochemistry
Science and Engineering 301 A


All graduates of UMass Dartmouth Chemistry or Biochemistry undergraduate programs are certified by the American Chemical Society.